[Explicit] Abby Vs The Rattlers

A comic page. The first two panels show legs running. Then a torso running. We then see the characters Abby and Lev from the game, The Last of Us Part II in the frame. They’re overlooking an overcast beach. Abby says, “C’mon Lev. The boats are past the pillars”. In the next frame we see Abby and Lev sliding down the cliff.
A comic page. Abby stares at the beach with pillars of wood sticking out from the waters. A loud AHHHHH is heard and she looks behind. Lev is fighting off two people in tactical gear. The rattlers. Abby shouts, “LEV!!”  She begins to run back to them exclaiming, “Don’t tou-“. We see a hand reaching for her as it interrupts her.
A comic page. Abby’s braided hair gets yanks by an arm. She gets pulled back as we see another geared up man. He says, “Don’t move” as he yanks Abby closer to him and away from Lev. Lev shouts for ABBY! as he sees her struggle in front of him. Abby sees a knife attached to her captors leg. She reaches for it and cuts off her braided hair.
A comic page. Abby's knife stabs into her captors head. He slinks down and she runs up to Lev's captors and punches them down. She screams, "Get the FUCK off of him!" Abby checks back on Lev asking him, "Lev, are you okay?" But once again arms appear off the side of the frame with interlocking fingers, planning an overhead blow. Lev exclaims, "Abby, watch out!"
A comic page. Abby falls to the ground. Her captors yell, "Stop fucking moving!" Abby sees Lev being pushed down too as she whispers, "No..." CRACK is written on the last frame with splattered blood over it.
The Firefly logo from the game, The Last of Us. It's red and has blood splatters over it.